Howdy Y'all! 

Thanks again for being part the awesome The Hills Are Alive Volunteer Team. Things are looking great down here on the farm and I'm sure we're all going to have a grand time at the upcoming festival. 

In order to ensure the event runs smoothly,  we kindly ask that all volunteer team members complete this Volunteer Agreement  as commitment to the event and their fellow team members. 


  • All Volunteer Team members provide their credit card details via the verification payment button below. 

  • The Hills Are Alive process a $10.00 (AUD) transaction from this card to ensure it works and securely store your credit card details until after the event (this $10 includes the volunteer processing fee). 

  • If you turn up to your shifts at the event the credit card details are deleted and everyone's happy :) 

  • If you don't turn up to your shifts, or don't do a satisfactory job, the price of a standard ticket ($227.83 AUD) plus a $100.00 (AUD) "admin/hassle to find someone else" fee will be charged to your card. 

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact Volunteer support directly at volunteers@thehillsarealive.com.aU

Looking forward to welcoming you to the hill. 

Cheers! The Farmer 

Volunteer Agreement

By clicking the below 'Pay Verification Fee' button and completing the verification fee payment process I am confirming I am willing to work as a volunteer at The Hills Are Alive 2019. I understand that I will be working for approximately 8-9 hours (2 x 4 hour shifts) in total over the 3 days of the event. 

I understand, acknowledge and declare: 

a) That I have volunteered to provide services in exchange for one ticket giving me admission into The Hills Are Alive 2019 including camping. 

b) That if I

- fail to perform the services required for the period specified and/or

- am involved in theft, loitering or trespassing and/or

-withdraw from volunteering with no contact or within 48 hours of the event without a valid reason and/or

- do not arrive for my allocated shift on time and in an acceptable state 

I will forfeit my ticket for entry into The Hills Are Alive 2019 and be charged the price of the ticket ($227.83 AUD) to my nominated credit card along with a $100 (AUD) administration fee. 

c) That I am not in the employment of the venue, The Hills Are Alive 2019, or the artists performing. 

d) That a $10 (AUD) verification fee will deducted from my nominated credit card and that my credit card details will be securely stored until I have completed my volunteer commitment. If I fail to fulfil my volunteer commitments the ticket price of $227.83 (AUD) plus a $100 (AUD) admin fee will be deducted from my credit card. 

As a volunteer at The Hills Are Alive 2019 I agree to abide by all Occupational Health and Safety standards and follow all health and safety instructions provided by any supervisor/manager or the safety officer. This includes all emergency evacuation procedures. 

By following the verification process I acknowledge that I have both applied and been accepted to volunteer at The Hills Are Alive 2019. Any payments received without approval will not be valid in securing a position.